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Columbus Healthcare Products, manufactured by Columbus Canvas Products, is a healthcare product manufacturer with a focus on patient safety. We provide manufactured products from high-quality antimicrobial fabrics to produce a product that is built to last. We are proud to serve the healthcare industry with clients nationwide, and have the manufacturing capability of furnishing large hospitals with the caring support to help each customer fulfill their specific needs.

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Product Features

  • Antimicrobial, self-deodorizing, latex-free fabric

  • Stitch-free for easy cleaning and prevention of cross-contamination

  • Compatible with most imaging tables

Featured Products

Scan-BandsĀ® Radiology Straps

Patient positioning support straps used to keep patients safe and comfortable on narrow imaging tables

Table Pads

Available as a complete pad with new foam and come standard with Velcro hook and adhesive loop attachment to secure pad to table

Table Guard Covers

Protective antimicrobial covers for existing table pads, come standard with hook attachment on bottom to secure pad to table

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